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Black vs. All Lives Matter

I saw a post on FB that was very much in the “All Lives Matter” camp, and I think a lot of people on both sides have the same feelings. Hopefully this bridges the gap somewhat.

Google Song Maker

With the help of Google Melody Maker I made my first “song” with Google Song Maker.  I know, the thing’s probably made specifically so you can’t fail to make a decent sounding song, I just found it fun OK! If the embed doesn’t work click here.

Office 365: How to create a SharePoint site if your new Office 365 Group doesn't have one.

When creating a new Office 365 Group from the Exchange Admin Centre, its associated Sharepoint site wasn’t created.  This prevented me from sharing a OneDrive with a customer as the Office 365 Group OneDrives are actually based on sharepoint. To trigger the creation of a OneDrive/Sharepoint for an Office 365 Group, you must first go …

Bash: Dynamically named variables

Sometimes you want to run a series of commands that are slightly different, but for each command the arguments must also be slightly different. Say, for example, you have a script that runs multiple other commands and you want to give each one a temporary file to put its results in, then combine these at …

Linux Terminal: Removing/Changing newlines without using a text editor

In the interests of automation, I wanted to be able to convert the output of a command (In this case “ls”) into a format that can be read by another program. To do this I had to replace the newline characters in the command’s output with the pipe character (“|”). Now, I could do this with …